Customer-driven philanthropy.

Put your corporate philanthropy fund to work in your marketing first, to get more leads, close more sales, and build brand loyalty, before donating to nonprofits chosen by your customers.

The old way

The new way

Get a double benefit from your CSR fund.

With our plug and play solutions, we make it easy for you to put your CSR fund to work in your marketing before donating it to causes your customers care about.

How it works.

Advocates choose a nonprofit to support.

Ask your customers to support a cause they care about from over 2.5 million US nonprofits.


Advocates refer leads that convert to customers.

Existing customers refer leads to your company that convert to new paying customers.

Company donates to the nonprofits.

For each successful referral, you make a donation to the nonprofits chosen by your customers.


What are the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility?

Better brand recognition for your business.

Increased sales and customer loyalty.

Greater ability to attract talent and retain employees.