7 word-of-mouth marketing program examples and ideas

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Deciding on what kind of word-of-mouth referral marketing program to run and what rewards to offer is not an easy decision. The success of your word-of-mouth campaign depends on this decision though. Do you want to get inspired by some successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign examples? Here is a list of various types of referral campaigns run by some very successful brands.

1. Give $15 Get $15

I have to say this is one of the most popular types of word-of-mouth campaigns of all time. It not only motivates the referrer to make a referral but also the referred person by offering them a discount to come onboard. As you can see from the list below, many big brands are in love with this word-of-mouth campaign.

Sprint (give $50 get $50)
Virgin Mobile (give $25 get $25)
American Apparel (give 20% off get 20% off)

2. Give $15 to your friend

In this type of referral campaign, you are offering a discount only to the referred person, but referrer is also motivated to give a free gift to their friends. Since its coming from the referrer, its a no-cost gift from them to their friends and that encourages the referrer to share it with their friends and family.

Uber (give free ride worth $15)
Netflix (give 1 month free)
Uniqlo (give 5% off coupon)

3. Get $15 for each friend who joins

This type of word-of-mouth referral campaign only rewards the referrer. The purpose is to motivate the referrer to share your brand with more and more of their network.

Google Apps
American Express
Chase Bank
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

4. Refer friends and unlock new features

This is a variant of the Get $15 type referral campaign. Here instead of monetary reward, you offer them access to locked or premium features.

Evernote (get points for premium)
Trello (1 month free to Trello Gold)
HubSpot (free exclusive inbound marketing ebook)

5. Refer a friend and Receive free quota

This is another variant of the Get $15 type referral campaign. Here instead of monetary reward, you offer them the free quota.

Dropbox (get 500mb space free)
Skyfit (get a free week)
CoinBase (get free bitcoins)

6. Refer friends and win freebies/swag/t-shirts

This is another variant of the Get $15 type referral campaign. Here instead of monetary reward, you offer them some cool swag.

Hotjar (refer 5 friends and win an official t-shirt)
Product Hunt

7. Refer 1/3/5 friends and get $15/$50/$100

In this type of word-of-mouth referral campaign, also known as milestone referrals, you reward your referrers in increasing amount of rewards for hitting higher referral milestones. Referrers earn more by referring more friends. Hitting higher milestones becomes the motivating factor in this case. Harry’s grooming brand ran a successful milestone referral campaign where they gathered more than 100,000 prospect emails in the first week.

The Hustler

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